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Dear Creator,

First off, let me thank you for taking on my fic! I'll try to keep things simple, because there's a lot of options available. There's a lot of stuff I'd love to see!

The pairing I ship is Cougar/Jensen, I'd like whatever you come up with to focus on them. I don't mind if it's from their point of view or someone else's.

I love AUs. Whether it's a full AU or just canon divergence, I love seeing the way different people will alter, or be inspired by, a story. Whether you do a beekeeper AU or zookeepers or veterinarians, it'd all be nice. I would love to see an AU where Cougar and Jensen met because they were both post-army and they ended up in the same therapy group at the VA. Or one where they meet in rehab. I would also be happy with fic where Cougar and Jensen grew up together before joining the army.

I'm also open to crossovers! Preferably involving Hawaii 5-0 or Leverage. I sort of headcanon that Steve and Jensen being McGarrett cousins would be awesome and terrifying. If Leverage is more to your taste, and OT3s are okay for you to write, I would love to get some Cougar/Jensen/Eliot fic. For any crossover I would like to stipulate that I don't want the teams to fight. I'm very big on mutual respect, though it would amuse me if Nate and Clay kept butting heads over how to run things after telling both their teams to get along. 

For general likes:
Fluff, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Happy Endings, Werewolves/Vampires/any creatures really. Temporary Major Character Death can be okay, as long as it really is temporary.

I mentioned miscommunication in my "don't like"s because I find that I get impatient and angry at the characters for not doing something as simple as communicating. If they're keeping something to themselves because it's very personal, that's fine. But if it's strongly impacting those around them, or directly involves them, then it's time to speak up. Whether using words or writing the thing down. 

So, that should cover everything. I hope it's not too demanding or fiddly. I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with.

Happy writing!

Big Bang

May. 28th, 2015 02:06 pm
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 If anyone from the Big Bang needs to contact me, fastest way is via my tumblr
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 I have not had internet access since Monday night because lightning struck our building and fried our modem.

We actually got off kind of lucky, some neighbors had much worse done to them. But it still sucked, and it still cost us a modem.

*kisses renewed internet connection* don't ever leave me again
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 I know what I want to write. I have it all planned out. But when I pick up the pencil my brain fucks off and runs around juggling plot bunnies for other fics.
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 So the sign up dates were pushed back, and I've decided to join the Big Bang. Here's hoping I don't fall on my face doing this.
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Decided to make a dreamwidth account. Which you can probably tell if you're reading this.

I had intended to join the ante-up losers big bang, but was too late to sign up for a bang sized work, so I'm hoping I can get a spot cheerleading someone else's story. It might serve as a slightly better introduction for me as to how big bangs actually work, since I've never participated in one before. The reason I missed signing up for a bang sized work was that I was too busy typing up the fic I currently have going, so it might be for the best that I missed my shot. I'll try again next time, and hopefully won't be in the middle of writing a behemoth of a fic.


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